Silk Rose Petals Palm Beach Coral

Perfect for a social occasion or an extravagant bath. Turn ordinary roses into extraordinary memories. High quality silk rose petals.
SKU: s165

Add a vibrant touch of coastal charm to your event with Palm Beach Coral Silk Rose Petals. These stunning silk petals feature a beautiful shade of coral, reminiscent of the tropical hues found along sandy shores. Made from high-quality silk fabric, they have a soft and delicate texture that mimics the natural look and feel of real rose petals. Whether you're planning a beach wedding, a summer party, or a tropical-themed event, Palm Beach Coral Silk Rose Petals are perfect for creating a beachy and festive atmosphere. Scatter them on tables, create enchanting pathways, or adorn your floral arrangements to infuse your celebration with the vibrant colors of a sunny beach getaway.